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Sta!rlyft Medics

Sta!rlyft Medics

  • Anyone can sell you a stairlift, but where are they when it comes time for service or repairs?
  • Sta!rlyft Medics is dedicated to quick and reliable service for most Sta!rlyft brands.
  • If the company who installed your Sta!rlyft is taking too long to get your Sta!rlyft fixed, or if they are simply unresponsive, give us a call at 800-695-MEDX (6339).

We service the following models:

  • Acorn Logo
  •    Bruno Logo
  •   Thyssenkrupp Logo

Repair or Install

Call today for all your Sta!rlyft repair needs. We have over 20 years of experience repairing and refurbishing Sta!rlyfts.