Stairlift Medics

Stairlift Repair Services

We can provide emergency coverage and stairlift repair service for Acorn, Bruno, TK Access, and many more Stairlift manufacturers. We have most parts in stock and can typically have your Stairlift up and running the same day.

Stairlift Service and Maintenance

We provide a number of preventative maintenance designed to keep your Stairlift in great shape. If you don’t currently have a stairlift service simply pick up the phone or email us and we will arrange to call and visit. A visit from one of our Stairlift Medics technicians could save you the expense of replacing an expensive part if we spot it in time. In fact, in some cases a simple stairlift repair or stairlift part can amount to more than the cost of an annual stairlift service.

foldable stair chair

Stairlift Warranty Cover Plans

*A Rated $75 – stairlift coverage includes:

*AA Rated $195 – stairlift coverage includes:

*AAA Rated $495- stairlift coverage includes:

*Plans are available for Bruno, Acorn, and TK Access only.